How to Launch Online Learning for your Company

How to Launch Online Learning for your Company

Raul Reyeszumeta
December 10, 2019

Online learning was once solely associated with higher education and cyber schools. But today, it is being thoroughly redefined as businesses develop their own courses  as a cornerstone of training and growth for their employees. 80% of US companies today are using eLearning and corporate eLearning has grown by more than 900% since 2001.

The idea of developing an entire library of online learning for your business can be intimidating, but today MarketScale’s online learning solutions help you with everything from instructional design and content creation to the implementation of technology to distribute your courses. It’s time to design, create and launch your online learning solution for your organization.

Where to start

Everything begins with defining both the scope and target audience for each of your online learning initiatives.

Whether you are building online learning solutions for your employees, sales team, distributors and channel partners, contractors or installers, prospects or customers – the online learning experience will be customized accordingly.

Based on the target audience, you will define the depth of knowledge and digital mediums that will best engage this target audience.  This can vary greatly between an introductory course for engaging prospects or onboarding new customers, to an in-depth online training certification program for a highly technical installation process.

The key to success

Instructional design is the primary key to set your company up for success. So what exactly is instructional design? It is the systematic analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation of courses. Developing the right content, assessments, and sequences is both art and science – and instructional designers lead the entire process – from designing the course outline to overseeing every aspect of content creation.

Step by Step


1. Course Design

Based on the learning objectives, learner characteristics, delivery options, and a timeline – instructional designers develop a comprehensive educational strategy, creating storyboards for the learning experience, and developing a prototype with visual designs.

2. Content Creation

When online learning is delivered through video content it is significantly more effective than traditional learning. From video production to graphics, text and animation, to email and webpages, the most effective mediums are used to create content with experienced video production, graphic design and development teams. 

3. Technology Implementation & Deployment

From authenticating certifications for courses, to building out webpages and integrating your CRM, your full technological stack is built out by an expert team. An industry standard enterprise learning management system will host your courses and full analytics are provided.

Our solutions help your learners consume more content in less time and most important, ensure that the transfer of knowledge is done successfully. 

We can scale your online learning needs with solutions that make the design, content creation, and delivery easier than ever. Interested in creating and deploying online learning for your company?

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