How to Grow your Business with Podcasts

How to Grow your Business with Podcasts

March 27, 2020

We are seeing the biggest shift in B2B history toward remote work, and remote communications. What used to be an in-person meeting is now a videoconference. What used to be a speech at a conference is now a live video. And what used to be an interview is now a podcast.

Podcasts can be captured remotely. They can be played on platforms ranging from YouTube to Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Podcasts can be audio only, or feature video as well, like many radio shows with video broadcasts.

But content is king. That means that while your technology and podcasting format are important, who you are interviewing, and creating relevant content for—your specific audience—is most important.

The application. The use-case. Tailoring your content to your B2B niche market.

Here’s how to put your podcast in motion to grow your business.

  1. Have well-designed graphics to share with the podcast. Cover art. Much of the value in sharing podcasts on B2B social media, like LinkedIn, is in succinctly communicating your message even if someone doesn’t have time to listen. Cover art also celebrates the hosts, thought leaders and guests who are creating the content.
  2. Invite guests who add unique value in thought leadership. In B2B podcasting, audiences are very focused and much narrower than B2C. Inviting a true thought leader ensures not only interesting and valuable content, but their own network and audience is sure to appreciate the content, helping you grow your audience.
  3. Partners and customers are great guests. In many ways, testimonials are a thing of the past. Instead of asking customers for testimonials, celebrate their success with a joint podcast. Discuss the solutions you have launched together. After all, it’s not about your success, it’s about delivering value for your customers. And giving them a platform for podcasting provides valuable marketing for them.
  4. Create a brand for your show. Album art, a custom podcast player—even T-Shirts and apparel. Having a strong brand for your show helps your audience subscribe, follow and anticipate new episodes. And it’s a lot of fun when you can ask Alexa or Siri to play your show—and they do!
  5. Think Omnichannel. A podcast can be shared on every social media platform, playable on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google and more. It’s great material for your blog, specific solutions pages and more. Gone are the days of creating a piece of content and analyzing it on one channel. Omnichannel content promotion is the way to ensure it reaches the right audience.
  6. Use podcasts in sales. Sales teams often communicate the same message every day. They are also experts on your products and the markets they serve. Answer questions or drive valuable sales conversations by sharing past podcasts with prospects and clients. Send a podcast on a key topic before visiting (or videoconferencing) for a meeting. By building a library of authoritative podcast content, a sales professional can increase their value to prospects and deliver more sales.
  7. Use podcasts for how-to content in customer service. Have frequently asked questions? Does your product require guidance for setup, service or maintenance? Creating an instructional podcast can be a very useful resource for your customers and allow them to solve challenges with self-service. This lowers your customer support costs, while increasing customer success.
  8. Get that promotion! Employees with a growing library of thought leadership content, and a growing subscriber base are valuable resources to their companies. Demonstrating knowledge on topics relevant to the company can allow stakeholders outside of team silos, such as the executive team to hear your thought leadership. This is a powerful way to grow your career and outpace professionals not engaging in podcasting.

Stay tuned for more content on how to win with podcasts. And if you need assistance or have any questions, MarketScale is available to help. MarketScale creates, hosts and deploys podcasts for B2B companies around the world, making it easy for you to add a podcast to your sales and marketing plan, today.

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