How the World Learns: The Power of Video for NBA Stars and B2B Content Marketing

How the World Learns: The Power of Video for NBA Stars and B2B Content Marketing

Denis Mcinerny
May 22, 2018

Digital natives love YouTube, devouring hours of video daily. It’s even making them better at what they do. Take the story of Jayson Tatum, star of the Boston Celtics, featured in the Wall Street Journal. While his youth certainly has a lot to do with his ability on the court, his age also gives him different tools than those of the generations before him. He grew up watching YouTube videos. To be more precise, he didn’t just watch them. He studied them. That’s how people learn today. If you want to know how to do something or become better at it, there’s bound to be thousands, if not millions, of videos to help you.

Stakeholders Rely on Video to Learn Just Like NBA Phenoms

Decision makers often do the same thing as Tatum to learn about a product, brand, or particular challenge. Users want to learn now—before they buy. When they learn, they become better buyers, just as young basketball players study up to bring more sophisticated skills to their game.

These business decision makers expect an educational video, not a commercial for your brand. When you come from a genuine attitude of wanting to educate users, the videos you create will have a different look and feel. Buyers crave a content marketing approach to video. Content marketing is all about distributing relevant, interesting content that your audience will actually want to watch. From the tone you set in these videos and the information you provide, your ideal buyer should have a better idea of the true benefit of partnering with you.

Video Thrives in B2B

Video Thrives in B2B

There is no denying the popularity of video. Whether on YouTube, social media platforms or directly on websites, videos have become the dominant format in content marketing by adding a visual element to the story. So, how much does the world love video? According to YouTube, over a billion hours of video are watched on the site daily. And it’s not just a channel for B2C. Video is the perfect channel for B2B, especially in any industry that addresses complex ideas or solutions. Using video helps break down big ideas and make them more accessible to your audience.

Video Drives Decisions

Video does more than educate and inform. It can also drive action. Consider that when a landing page has a video, conversions increase by 80%, according to research by EveView Digital. B2B marketers believe in video’s ability to not only be a resource for those who need help with an issue, it can also bring them to the table ready to purchase. In fact, Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing Survey reveals 64% of marketers using video say it has directly led to a sale.

These are some impressive numbers. They illustrate the influence and magnetism of great video. No matter if you sell a product or a service, video has the ability to bring what you do to life. As mentioned earlier, content marketing videos aren’t commercials for your brand. They aren’t demos of how to use your product; instead they tell a story about a problem and present a solution.


Repurpose Written Content

Every blog or info-graphic you have can probably be turned into a short video. These could be animated or live action. For an animated video, take your info-graphic and give it some motion. With live action, one of your expert professionals could talk about a blog that was published and why that information matters to the viewer. Encouraging people to read onscreen is getting harder, so meet them with an engaging video instead.

What will audiences learn from your videos? While NBA rising stars are learning the foundation of the game, audiences could be learning the same from you—except you’re solving a challenge or making their life easier. This offering will propel them to choose your service or product.

Elevate your content marketing mix with liberal amounts of well-designed, pertinent video by contacting the experts at MarketScale.

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