Five Reasons Why Live Video Drives More Engagement

Five Reasons Why Live Video Drives More Engagement

April 24, 2020

The way consumers approach entertainment is increasingly being driven by live video. 

Though sports have leveraged the power of “you had to be there” for years (in 2019, 14 of the top 20 primetime telecasts were sports), today’s digital-native consumers come to expect live, as-it-happens looks at everything they want to consume. 

And B2B is no different. 

Live video allows you to reach those consumers on their turf, bringing them an exciting, engaging way to go beyond traditional marketing and outreach. 

Here are five reasons live video elevates engagement: 

1. It’s social – it brings people together. People have an innate need for connection, and being in the same “virtual place” as a large audience and a presenter, team, or business they care about fulfills that need. Live video is a tremendous way to bring your audience together.


2. It’s current and relevant – insights are happening in realtime. It doesn’t get any more current or cutting-edge than real time. With live video, you can deliver that feeling of “being there,” giving audiences a real-time look at a product, event, conference, etc. 

3. It’s spontaneous – there’s an element of excitement. Particularly when an event is lightly scripted or not at all, there’s always an element of anticipation for what could happen next. Live video is the perfect tool for driving this kind of excitement

4. Audience participation – you can drive two-way engagement. 
 With Q&A sessions, live chat, and more, you can leverage tools built into your live broadcast to get the audience involved and boost that feeling of unity and connection.

5. It’s data-driven. You can attribute marketing to your event with registration data. With thorough registration data and beyond, you can leverage your live event’s audience to get a wider glimpse into how well your marketing tools and campaign are working, who they’re reaching, and how you can elevate every aspect of your offering.

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Bonus Reason: You can make it happen today. Live video isn’t an intimidating pursuit. Technology makes it possible, today, and the brands choosing to take advantage are reaping the benefits. 

An enormous 79% of businesses perceive live video as a more authentic way to connect with audiences, and users are 10x more likely to comment on video than other forms of media. Why aren’t you going live, yet?  

From live streams and presentations to trainings and complete virtual events, learn how you can further incorporate live video into your strategy.  

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