Elevating Production: Searching for a Video Leader

Raul Reyeszumeta
July 23, 2019
Providing a creative solution and executing it is what makes marketing campaigns stand out. The ability to connect with a target audience through captivating and detailed storytelling makes video an incredibly valuable asset to brands.



In this Careers Podcast, MarketScale B2B Media Producer Tyler Kern speaks with Creative Director Josh Brummett, to discuss the open role of Video Production Manager. This full-time leadership position is based at MarketScale’s Dallas Headquarters.
To continue the company’s ability to bring clients closer to their customers, MarketScale is searching for a talented Video Production Manager. This person will join the Dallas-based team in a full-time leadership role.
Making the clients the hero is key in executing a successful video shoot, and this person will have the vision to accomplish that by carrying out the key steps in each part of the production process. Stepping into a leadership role overseeing the pre-production team will demand that this person have excellent communication and problem-solving skills. 
“The amount of quality we’ve had [in video] in these past few years has been incredible. We’ve gone from doing really short productions, and now we’re doing large scale productions and our videos look incredible,” Brummett said. “We’re already doing content with Fortune 500 companies and I think we’ll be able to elevate our content even further.”
Learn why Brummett describes this role as befitting of Braveheart warrior William Wallace and why the MarketScale video production team would be the Foo Fighters if they were a band. Check out MarketScale Creates for more about MarketScale video production.
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