Dr. Jose Medina Inojosa of the Mayo Clinic Discusses Staying Healthy At Work

Dr. Jose Medina Inojosa of the Mayo Clinic Discusses Staying Healthy At Work

Denis Mcinerny
December 21, 2018

Dr. Jose Medina Inojosa of the Mayo Clinic Discusses Staying Healthy At Work

On this episode of our healthcare podcast, we sit down with Dr. Jose Medina Inojosa of the Mayo Clinic to discuss cardiovascular health, obesity, and the new ways physicians are starting to think in these areas.

Also: How can you stay cardiovascular healthy while at work? Are 10,000 steps enough? What’s the magic number? What steps can executives take to fight off obesity and heart disease while still putting in the long hours? Or, what hours should you be working?

For more updates on the world of health be sure to follow Jose on Twitter @MedinaInojosaMD! and to learn more about the exciting research being conducted by Dr. Medina and his colleagues at the Mayo Clinic click the link! http://www.mayo.edu/research/centers-programs/cardiovascular-research-center 

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