Disruption, Technology, and Personalization in Corporate Learning: What to Expect at TCEA 2020

Disruption, Technology, and Personalization in Corporate Learning: What to Expect at TCEA 2020

February 3, 2020

Technology has forever changed how we learn, and the modern approach to learning is continuously evolving as new innovations emerge.

This week, the 2020 Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) Convention & Exposition welcomes learning and development professionals and stakeholders, business leaders, and educators, for five days of learning and sharing.

So, what can corporate leaders take away from the event in terms of the overall direction of education?

Blended Learning: A Hybrid Approach 

Corporate learning has become a trending topic as organizations strive to improve their training and educational objectives. One of the biggest areas of discussion  centers on transforming education in the digital age with blended learning.

Blended learning is a hybrid approach to education, and it’s displacing traditional instructor-led formats by combining in-person and online learning. Students also can set their own pace for learning in the online format.

Using this strategy, companies have seen clear benefits:

  • Reduced costs of training
  • Ability to develop continuous learning programs
  • Greater efficiency in training employees
  • Learners start at the same level (before the classroom sessions, all employees receive basic knowledge)
  • More flexibility and adaptability in eLearning programs

This revolution means that workforces need to learn new and more high-value skills. Companies have attempted to cultivate learning cultures that offer workers the chance to re-educate themselves through internal learning programs and partnerships with institutions.

While many companies have wondered about the sustainability of blended learning a 2018 study found that corporations are adopting this model, finding that they place more importance on informal learning and that experiential learning is critical to the business. Its longevity will depend mostly on the ability to deliver the in-person aspect of blended learning consistently.

Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence: Designing for Disruption

With new technologies like virtual reality (VR), machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) shaping the future of learning, businesses looking to creating online learning courses may feel overwhelmed. However, courses can be designed for disruption. VR, ML, and AI are tools to leverage for the next frontier in learning.

To successfully integrate them into your learning programs, explore what they offer and how they can be seamlessly incorporated. You don’t have to be an expert in these advanced technologies. Instead, leverage platforms that offer opportunities for VR, ML, and AI to enhance learning initiatives.

Digital Badging: Can It Be Impactful?

Individuals enjoy recognition for their efforts, and that is the thinking behind digital badging. It provides learners the opportunity to collect badges as an indicator of their accomplishment or skills. Employees can earn badges by passing tests or completing required eLearning tasks.

They can serve as motivations for users to learn more and as proof that workers have undergone specific industry training, such as HIPAA compliance. However, there are some missteps you’ll want to avoid, including badging without authentic evidence, inconsistency in issuance, manual processes and not planning for use across different platforms.

Personalized Professional Development

Personalization is a buzzword in today’s economy. Consumers expect messaging and content to be related to them, specifically. Your employees are no different, which is driving the trend of personalized professional development.

To deliver personalization, you’ll need to rely on some of the advanced technology mentioned above, specifically ML and algorithms. Consider how you can personalize learning to be more effective:

  • Develop educational paths based on roles, duties or challenges
  • Enable employees to create educational experiences that will advance their career aspirations

With personalized professional development, employees can progress in their skills and remain engaged. Further, it helps your team prepare for the future of your industry and company, as well as their career advancement.

TCEA 2020 by the Numbers

  • Five days of content
  • Over 1,000 expert-led sessions
  • 450+ exhibitors
  • 8,000+ attendees

TCEA is the largest state organization that focuses on the use of technology in learning. Founded in 1980, TCEA has been a leading force in increasing the use and efficacy of tech in education. It’s a must-attend for all educational professionals in Texas.

This year’s event kicks off on February 3 and runs through February 7 at the Austin Convention Center.

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