Exploring Careers: Searching for A Savvy Business Development Leader

Exploring Careers: Searching for A Savvy Business Development Leader

Raul Reyeszumeta
June 21, 2019

Business Development Director

Historically, Business to Business (B2B) marketing has lived up to the stereotype of being stale and dry. While often lacking the creativity that is often found in Business to Consumer (B2C) marketing, a new era has arrived across all industries of B2B. With a disruptive mindset, and a focus on engaging prospects and audiences with information and educational, inspiring stories, marketers today are removing the stereotype that once existed. From creative storytelling in video, to the prominent use of infographics and podcast shows, marketing is rapidly changing in B2B.


In this Careers Podcast with MarketScale’s VP of Business Development, Tim Maitland, we dive into our open role of Business Development Director. This full-time, Dallas-based role is fit for a forward-thinking, growth-minded individual looking to sell through creative problem-solving and leadership. 

When presented with a goal, this role must use all of the tools at hand to achieve it. As a new and evolving position, this role will be molded by the distinct individual that fills its shoes. So what are the most important traits for this position? Maitland asserts that the individual must relish “embracing struggles and providing solutions.” Creatively getting deals with Fortune 500 clients and prospects is integral, and confident leadership is a must. 

Marketscale caters to 14 different markets, from transportation and food & beverage, to IoT and energy, and therefore the Business Development Director must love learning and understanding these wildly diverse industries.

So what is it like to work at Marketscale? Tim Maitland sums it up most succinctly in this simple analogy: If Marketscale were a band, it would be the Beatles–genre-bending, innovative, and fresh on the scene. 

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