B2B Has Officially Gone Live: Live Video is the Marketer’s Go-To Answer

B2B Has Officially Gone Live: Live Video is the Marketer’s Go-To Answer

March 19, 2020
Cancelled events, postponed trade shows and restrictions on travel have put unprecedented demands on marketers, challenging companies to maintain critical sales and marketing communication remotely.

But B2B is built on a legacy of handshakes.

The question, then, is simple – how do you convert that decades-old foundation into an impactful, innovative way to ensure your message is delivered?

Enter live video.

Live Broadcast Provides a Way Forward

It would be easy to view your postponed event as a setback and call it a day, accepting dipping levels of connectivity with key stakeholders, clients and prospects.

In reality, this is an unprecedented opportunity.

Through live broadcast events, you can:

  • Deliver upon your audience’s growing expectation and comfort surrounding digital events and messages
  • Positioning your brand as a leader during an uncertain time
  • Ensure your message not only gets delivered in the absence of face-to-face communication, but thrives in the digital space
  • Provide transparency and a foundation of trust – if you can pivot to live video and thrive, you can continue to exceed expectations in other areas of your business

Live streaming is nearly infinitely scalable, offering a clear avenue for sharing intimate, tight messages and widespread, highly attended webinars alike.

And marketers are already taking advantage.

With live broadcast, you can reap the benefits of real-time interaction, connecting directly to the same audience your teams would in person.

The proof is in the numbers. According to Brandlive:

  • 74% of viewers claim more product and brand understanding through real-time interaction
  • 73% contemplate leaving a review on social sites
  • More than half engage directly through questions that allow you the opportunity to deliver key insights and solutions

It’s past time to take the leap. Here’s how you do it.

Finding Your Unique Live Broadcast Solution

Brandlive is the industry’s leading live broadcast platform, offering unmatched capabilities surrounding increased video sizes, clean, productive and monitored chat feeds, social and calendar integrations, mobile responsiveness, embedding and customer domains, and heightened security. And that’s just the beginning.

By partnering with live broadcast platform Brandlive, MarketScale is ready to help you gain unprecedented control over your broadcast and message before, during and after your virtual event.

Live broadcast shouldn’t be intimidating. With Brandlive, setup is simple, and thorough custom branding, audience management and registration options ensure you craft an event that meets your unique needs.

During the virtual event, HD capabilities, high-level production, key moderation capabilities, expansive integration offerings and social media syndication put your broadcast in the correct hands.

Finally, thorough archival capabilities, analytics and support for library page collections and key follow-up interaction helps ensure your message continues being delivered and provides key insights aimed at continuous improvement.

Looking Toward a Live Future

Live broadcast isn’t a passing trend or temporary fix for an unprecedented crisis.

It’s the first step toward a new, exciting frontier.

Just as industries the world over have turned to remote work to address the disruptions caused by COVID-19, live video capabilities are ready to not only respond to interruption to events and meetings, but build upon the messages you intended to deliver there to create an entirely new, virtual experience.

To learn more about how MarketScale is ready to scale up your digital capabilities with a cost-effective, engaging, easily sharable and custom live-streaming solution, contact us now.

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