Applying Industry Principles to Marketing

Applying Industry Principles to Marketing

Raul Reyeszumeta
January 2, 2020

It is a best practice to take something from one industry or department and use in another. The use of Lean is an exemplary example.

Lean began in Japan at Toyota, and while its origins began in manufacturing and eventually moved on to construction – it is a principle that can be applied to any process or industry as the core of Lean is to simplify and streamline.

On this episode of Maverick of Marketing we talk about the implementation of Lean principles in marketing with Tim Garbutt, Director of Corporate Marketing and Communications, and Hillary Chase, Digital Marketing Manager, at Flintco.

Lean is about continuous improvement and respect for others. It is important to look at processes to make them more efficient and increase communication – and ultimately pulling information from partners instead of pushing it.

Lean principles, its philosophy and mindset can be applied to everything done on a daily basis in any department.

“For marketing it was about looking for ways to eliminate repetitive tasks, and make them more efficient through a series of technology integrations. And looking for ways to leverage different applications,” said Garbutt.

The biggest key benefit seen by Garbutt and Chase by implementing Lean principles across the organization is work life balance for their employees. By simplifying processes they are able to get tasks done more quickly and efficiently. And because they have offices in multiple locations, it allows for unified processes and unified messaging.

So what are the principles of lean?

  • Identify value
  • Map the value stream
  • Create flow
  • Establish pull
  • Seek perfection

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