A Lesson in Subtlety: How to Mentor Colleagues

A Lesson in Subtlety: How to Mentor Colleagues

Raul Reyeszumeta
January 12, 2021


While there is no clear path to finding a mentor, finding inspirational leaders that have passion and can give you clarity, can go a long way in growing both personally and professionally.

On the debut episode of Knowledge is Power, host Brandon Pfluger talks with SIRO Consulting Managing Director, Simon Whitton, regarding his career in robotics and transition from engineering to marketing.

Throughout his career, Whitton has held leadership positions that have given him the opportunity to educate colleagues in the industry, from other executives down to building his own teams. When it comes to coaching colleagues, Whitton tends to stumble upon these opportunities similar to how he did the field of robotics. “You tend to not really stop and think too much about that, you just move on. And I suppose the evidence of whether you’ve done it reasonably well, it is the people that are coming along behind you and how they’re working,” Whitton said.

Reinforcement with confidence boosters instead of trying to convince others of their own potential, can often be more effective. “You reach a point where you say this person is growing, and you realize that you realized [it] before he realizes – this guy could be quite something. But he doesn’t think he can be, he’s still very humble and a bit nervous about taking the different steps, if you see what I mean,” Whitton explained. “So it’s that reinforcing as a kind of convincing, if you like, but certainly all the time, all you’re really doing is this mentoring.”

Listen to this episode of Knowledge is Power for more insight into leadership, mentorship, and the robotics industry here.

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